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We build transmissions to be better than factory to hold your desired power and go further than you thought possible. 

At the House of Power, we utilize industry-leading parts and 30 years of experience to solve any transmission related issues and hold any power level. From general maintenance to full custom rebuilds on diesel and Chevy or Dodge gasoline vehicles, we promise to outperform your expectations. 

We only utilize industry-leading parts from Goerend, Raybestos GPZ, BD Diesel, Transgo, Sonnax, and TCS Shafts.

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Guaranteed better than factory

Only using industry leading parts

30 years of experience 

Any Chevy and Dodge gasoline transmissions


Allison Rebuild

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Allison's came behind 2001-current Duramax pickups, they are very dependable. But with anything else they have their limits when power is added. 01-05 is a 5 speed, In stock form, they can handle roughly 120hp over stock. 06+ is a 6 speed. 06-10 can handle roughly 150hp over stock. 11+ can handle 150hp+ with transmission tuning to increase line pressure.
What did we do to make the Allison better? Below is the list that can make your Allison a very reliable towing plus 750hp capable transmission. More with billet shaft upgrades.
  • Gpz clutches, 
  • Transgo jr shift kit
  • Upgraded pressure spring with 1 spacer
  • Hotrod lockup valve (01-05)
  • Billet triple disk converter from Goerend.
  • Billet c2 clutch hub.
  • Bd deep pan (optional)
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48re Rebuild

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The 48re transmission came behind 2003-2007 dodge, they had a few issues and didn't have the best reputation. But once we get our hands on them they can be killer transmissions! In fact, we chose to get rid of the Allison in our 1400hp Duramax and stuff this guy pictured in it! 
A few standards our 48re comes with
  • Billet TCS Aermet input shaft
  • Billet governor pressure block
  • GPZ clutches
  • Transgo shift kit
  • Billet bands
  • Deep transmission pan from BD DIESEL
  • All new seals, gaskets, bushings.
  • Billet Goerend triple disk converter
Extras that are included in competition build.
  • Billet Sonnax big 35 spline input shaft
  • Billet 300 margining intermediate shaft
  • Billet 29 spine output
  • Full line pressure 
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68rfe Rebuild

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The 68rfe came out in 2007 and came behind the 6.7 Cummins. This transmission is somewhat reliable when the truck is in stock form, but once any power is added it is very likely to have issues in the near future. One common issue with the 68 is cross-leaks in the valve body, we cure this by using Revmax hardened and coated separator plates. Another common problem is the accumulator pistons holding plate breaking, when this happens the pistons aren't held in place anymore, they come out of valve body and will cause further issues internally on the transmission.
A few standards in our 68rfe build-
  • Rebuild Kit, contains all gaskets, seals, O-RIngs, and Filters
  • 4 GPZ 2nd Clutches and 4 steels
  • Revmax Engineered Billet 2nd Clutch Piston
  • 4 GPZ Clutches, 4 steels, and a custom machined pressure plate
  • High Energy Low Reverse Clutches
  • Upgraded Low/ Reverse Sprag 
  • Revmax 250 PSI high-pressure performance Valve body which means it does not require tuning to increase line pressure, which means more holding power!
  • Billet Triple Disc Torque Converter
  • RevMax 550 drum. 
  • Transmission pan, holds an additional 4.5qts of fluid.
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